We woke up at the crack of dawn to take the train to Manhattan. Donned with sparkles and glitter we boarded the train the Drag Queen utopia we have visited for the past two years. DragCon is the place on the east coast that queens and fans unite to celebrate the beauty of living your […]

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“Mom!” my youngest called from the shower. “What does LGBT stand for?” Why do we always do our best thinking in the shower? This is the same kid who asked me what it meant to be straight a few months ago. My kids might be more involved with the LGBTQIA+ community than other kids their […]

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Divide and Conquer

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to be a stay at home parent for the past eleven and a half years. This hasn’t been without a tradeoff, just like the trade off other parents make, like my husband, who don’t have the luxury of making the to choice to stay at home. Maybe you […]

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