Grandpa Frank

My father’s father, Frank, was the only grandparent I didn’t have the opportunity to meet. To the credit of my Dad and my Grammy I feel like I know the essence of who he was. I grew up on stories and pictures and was awfully touched when my Dad said that I briefly looked like […]

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My Cuppa Tea

When I first started drinking “real tea”, as in British tea and not the standard American stuff, my British flatmates asked how I liked mine. “Plain please,” I answered. “Right, we put milk in it, do you want sugar?” And that is the moment my love affair with tea began. It started with herbal tea; […]

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All I Want

Every year my birthday and Mother’s Day fall a week apart. Every year (besides this one) I’ve been asked by my very well intentioned husband if he can combine my gifts into one. I mean who am I to say no to presents?! Heres the major problem with this: the gift I want comes in […]

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Power of the Hug

Four and a half hours there and four and a half hours back but what we got in between was totally worth it. When I step in to Aunt Tina and Uncle Michael’s house it takes me back to childhood. Starting from the front steps you can smell spices and food and there is always […]

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