Story Time is now Controversial

Any of you who know me are well aware of my involvement in the local drag community as an audience member, costumer and enthusiast of the art form and the messages that it sends. Queens challenge the ideas of gender, politics, social construct, the list goes on. What is Drag? There really can’t be one […]

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Running With a Team

I’m a track and field dropout. In high school I would see the athletes wearing their matching outfits on game days and be envious of their matching team shirts and decided I wanted to join a sports team. The issue was I didn’t do any sports. What sport could I do without any prior knowledge? […]

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I’m Not Doing It Anymore

For the past three years my sister and I have flown out to Chicago to visit our brother for a weekend. It started out as a one off thing and has morphed into a yearly event. Because we are who we are we had to name the weekend. When we were younger our Mom attempted […]

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Most Embarrassing Moment EVER

October 1990, Evening I was getting ready for bed. The bathroom was on one end of the hallway and my bedroom was on the other. To get from the bathroom to my room I passed my brother’s room, then my sister’s room, then home-base. I had just taken a shower and was walking to my […]

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