Here’s the thing…I don’t usually participate in these these social media fads. I’m not worried that if I don’t share than I’ll be plagued by a million years of doom. Sometimes, though, when particular people tag you that DON’T typically do that, you take a closer look. I got tagged on Instagram by my long […]

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My Wonky-Donky Stars

They say reach for the stars. I get it. You definitely should. What happens though, when the stars are from the wrong era. Or they are extra wonky-donkey stars? Right, that probably only happens if you’re me. I don’t have a bucket list because I never made one. There isn’t anything I can think of […]

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Drag Foster Mom

As you may know from a previous post, when I love something YOU WILL KNOW. Sometimes my love is fast and furious like my yogurt and sometimes it fades in and out like my knitting. Drag, as I’ve told you, that’s here to stay. I like to bring people to brunch so they can test […]

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Wait, WHAT?

March 7, 2012: Approximately 9:15 am My sister in law was due with my nephew and we were one the phone because she was off from work. She was describing some pregnancy related aches and, after having had two kids, I said it definitely sounded like early labor. She had a doctors appointment later that […]

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m Jewish, emphasis on the “ish”. I’ve tried to make myself a full believer but, if I am to believe that the Bible is true, I have to believe everything in it and there are many things I cannot wrap my head around. I fully respect religion, and am almost envious when […]

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