F*#king Done

It’s happened. I’ve hit the wall. I’ve been holding up these past million months trying to enjoy the little things, rearranging furniture, and trying to work out regularly. I’ve had zoom dates and tv marathons. I’ve tried to cook more and keep up with the laundry (often failing). I’ve been enthusiastic about seeing the kids […]

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Get. It. DONE!

When you text me and I don’t text you back it’s me, not you. When I’m late, doing something at the last minute, off in never never land, it’s me, not you. My brain is wired differently. I want to be organized but there is so much buzzing in my head that I can’t figure […]

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I have been an avid Color Street user for the past few years. I love the colors, the ease, and supporting my friend, Beth. (Please check her out, she has fun contests, giveaways and amazing customer service!) In usual Sarah fashion I seem to have developed a sensitivity to nail polish. Every time I put […]

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