I Wrote This Because Gabe Said I Should

Through the power of social media I’ve learned that I know some exceptionally awesome people and Gabe is one of them. We have some amazing conversations over messenger and, while I haven’t seen him probably since 2002ish I hung out with his wife at the Philly Pride Parade this year. She is also super cool […]

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Farty Taco

Yup, you read it right. My dad came up with this lovely character a year or two ago when we were visiting my snowbird parents in their rental apartment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He has invented an entire backstory to Farty. He’s married, vacations in Cancun, and is having some trouble holding down a job. […]

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Thank You To My Cat

This year I’m trying to think of others a bit more. It’s easy to take people in your lives for granted and not show them the appreciation they deserve. While, for me, it’s spending time that shows the most appreciation I wanted to get something for my family that will remind them of me and […]

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