Drag Deal

It was a last-minute deal. I got the shipment on Wednesday and I set to work. Fast forward to this morning. In the chaos of getting the kids ready for the school fair I was able to quietly wrap the product, stash it in a shoebox, and put it into a plastic bag so no […]

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But It’s Only a Cat

It’s been a whirlwind of a past few weeks. Since the end of January we lost our cat, vacationed in Mexico and adopted two kittens. All the things we did were done for the right reason. Lucy had lived a full life, our trip to Mexico was a much needed break, and the kittens were […]

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You Are My Favorite

A few years ago we spent Valentines Day in Mexico visiting my parents where they spend parts of their winters. As many of you may know I’m a tea drinker. I’m rather particular but not fancy. I carry my own bags of PG Tips tea around with me in teeny tiny little Tupperware containers so […]

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What does your family look like? My Dad is an only child. My Grandma is 92 and always learning and has lived on the west coast since 1981. I never got to meet my Grandfather, however, through my Dad, I feel like I know him. He was the type of guy who could both save […]

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And Now There are Three (Cats)

Tuesday marked three weeks since we said goodbye to our cat, Lucy. It’s been a whirlwind and I know that no other animal will ever fill the space in my heart that she left. I wasn’t sure how quickly I would want to add more animals to our family, however, our other cat, Jack, has […]

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