You Are My Favorite

A few years ago we spent Valentines Day in Mexico visiting my parents where they spend parts of their winters. As many of you may know I’m a tea drinker. I’m rather particular but not fancy. I carry my own bags of PG Tips tea around with me in teeny tiny little Tupperware containers so I can be prepared. (They are the cutest little containers, see the picture below!) I’m sorry but store brand in the USA will NOT cut it for me. So rather than be annoying about it I bring my own. That’s probably also annoying but at least I’ll be annoying and caffeinated.

Anyway, apparently not only am I picky about my tea but also the mug that it is consumed from. The mugs in the apartment were shallow. This would not do for my morning cuppa. I felt like I was not getting enough tea, it was getting too cold too quickly, and nothing should be getting in the way of my morning paradise in the middle of my Mexican paradise.

One night my Mom and I went to the local grocery store, Soriana, and I saw some Valentines Day mugs. They were the perfect size and shape and I found one that said, “You are my favorite” written on it. I’m all for matching my mug to my mood so I figured it was a good mug for a pick me up kinda day.

We got to the register and I realized I forgot my wallet. I asked my Mom if I could borrow a few dollars and I’d pay her back. As we were walking back to the apartment I made the realization that I was not actually going to pay her back. She just bought me a mug that said, “I am your favorite” and, as the oldest of three kids, I was going to make sure my siblings knew this. It’s my sisterly duty.

While I like to believe that my parents do not have favorites, if they do they are REALLY good actors, this mug makes the conniving annoying older sister in me smile.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Your Favorite
(I can say this in confidence because my Mom gave me a mug that said so!)


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