Drag Deal

It was a last-minute deal. I got the shipment on Wednesday and I set to work.

Fast forward to this morning. In the chaos of getting the kids ready for the school fair I was able to quietly wrap the product, stash it in a shoebox, and put it into a plastic bag so no one would wonder why I was bringing it to a school fair.

We arrived at the fair around 11am. I kept checking my phone to see if the recipient was close as they were messaging me on their arrival time so I could run outside and close the deal.

Crossing the bridge.

Thirty minutes away.

Five minutes away.

(Oh no, nephew is in the bounce house, don’t want to keep my customer waiting!)

They arrived and parked in front of the mural. I had no choice but to bring the kids with me, I figured they wouldn’t know what was going on. To be fair I don’t think their parents would mind them joining me on this deal.

Poochie stepped out of the car in boy form, I’d never seen her not in drag. I handed her the rhinestoned fishnet stockings and we parted ways.

Drag deal was complete.

Hard to see sparkle from here but I assure you there are rhinestones…

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