Wait, WHAT?

March 7, 2012: Approximately 9:15 am

My sister in law was due with my nephew and we were one the phone because she was off from work. She was describing some pregnancy related aches and, after having had two kids, I said it definitely sounded like early labor. She had a doctors appointment later that day so she would check in with them.

As our conversation progressed so did these “aches”. My husband, who is a pediatrician, said he would go meet her at her house and her husband left work to come home. Within about an hour my nephew was born on the bathroom floor, delivered by a police officer, and taken care of by my husband.

To say this was an exciting but anxiety ridden time is an understatement. No one knew what was happening and I didn’t want to call to “get the scoop” because I figured my phone call wasn’t exactly what they needed during this crazy time.

I was out at the grocery store picking up some things and telling EVERYONE I saw I that I just became an Aunt. I didn’t know a single person I told but I’m sure the deli guy was so, super excited for me.

Same Day: Early Afternoon

When my daughter’s preschool ended I picked her up and drove to the restaurant in my sister and brother in law’s condo complex for lunch with my in-laws and husband.

My anxiety was sky high. I cannot imagine having an accidental home birth. At this point, even after having two very uncomplicated births, planned hospital births still made me nervous. (Thanks anxiety!)

My heart rate was returning to normal. Mom and baby were safe and healthy and I was excited to see them. In my haste I had forgotten to bring my son’s diaper bag into the restaurant and I brought him to the car to change his diaper.

My Mom called. She said the words I will never, ever forget.

“Sarah, your sister’s water broke.”

The only logical response to this statement, at that time, was this:


Blood pressure went back up. My sister wasn’t due to have her baby quite yet. Not like “super scary early” but more like “if you went into labor we wouldn’t stop you but still considered premature” early.

The day went on. I met my nephew and glowed with happiness that I was an Aunt. I was attached to my phone all day and, finally, after about twelve hours of becoming an aunt, I became an Aunt again to my niece.

That day will forever be one of the craziest and happiest days of my life.

Happy seventh birthday to my niece and nephew, I love you both!

Maya and my nephew meeting for the first time.
Simon hanging out while meeting my niece!

Maya and her cousins!


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