Winter is when when most people hibernate. We desire our couches with blankets and hot drinks. We long for the days of summer where we hang with out friends.

Except me, I hibernate in the summer.

Summer is the time to get out, enjoy the sun, and reconnect with your friends. My summer is when I say goodbye to my school year friends and hibernate in my art tent at summer camp.

For the past five years I’ve been running the art program at a local summer camp. As a now thirty nine year old camp counselor I’m in my sort of heaven. I get to do all the parts of teaching I miss and avoid the parts I don’t miss. I plan projects where the kids can be creative and, if they want to do it differently than my example, I applaud that. I have two rules:

  1. The project MUST be camp appropriate.
  2. Your name MUST be on it. My psychic powers are also in hibernation in the summer.

I spend my days with counselors that range from 16 to 20 something. (There is also my bff, Dawn, who is also a grownup. We have our little oasis down at sports/arts and crafts where we get to dine, child free, every day for lunch. We are super fancy.)

In June I completely disappear during the summer. I bid my school year friends goodbye in June and reemerge in September ready for the insanity of the fall. This year it apparently also included my blog. I had less time to sit down and write and more time crafting with the kids. Not just my kids but all my camp kids.

So a HUGE thank you to all the campers, counselors and kids who made my summer so memorable. Thank you to the counselors for not making me feel old, the campers who showed me their immense creativity, and Peggy, the camp director, who was my saving grace and biggest advocate. Without all of you my summer would not have been what it was.

To all my school year friends, THANK YOU for understanding my summer insanity and lack of contact. I’m back, my house is finally getting straightened, and I’d love to have you over for a cuppa tea and find out how your summer went.