Grammy Is Coming Home!

My Grammy in 93 years young. Cliche, I know, but she really is!

Grammy moved to California before I was a conscious human. I remember visiting her as a kid, I even got my first bee sting at her complex trying to pick up a bee at age one. (I mean what was I thinking?!) She has always been our excuse to come visit San Diego since the weather is gorgeous and I want to make sure my kids know their great grandmother.

This past November Grammy got a compression fracture in her spine. She’s doing as well as she can but she decided that she should come out east to live. I got my wish and she will be moving within walking distance of my house.

My whole life Grammy has been a phone call away but certainly not close enough that I could stop by for lunch or to drop something off. I treasure the opportunity I had to spend time with my other Grandma, Mildred, when we both lived in Manhattan, and I never dreamed that I would ever be living this close to Grammy.

I wish that Grammy didn’t have to get hurt to make this decision. I also know that she can come back from this setback. Life over here in the east might not be exactly the same but she will have her son, daughter in law, three grandkids, and four great grandkids to keep her busy.

In a little less than two weeks I’ll be heading to the west coast to help her pack and bring her to her new home. I imagine it won’t be easy but there is a welcoming committee waiting for her arrival and we are excitingly preparing her new apartment. I truly cannot wait for this chapter of our lives and the excitement that awaits.