Oh Farts

I was standing in front of my house talking to my neighbor when the product of my new healthy eating habit began bubbling to the surface. I had to pass gas.

We were outside so, in reality, I could do it as long as it wasn’t too loud or smelly. The social issue I encountered was that I was just about to let one rip and not try to delicately squeeze it out so it was not noticeable.

I remember when I was dating my husband, realizing we were getting comfortable with each other when I could fart in front of him. The same process has, quite surprisingly, repeated itself with the family we quarantine with. We have spent so much time together that farts are no longer saved for “checking on something in the other room” and are now literally brought to the surface and often commented upon. Since we have spent a majority of the time either in my house with my family or with our “bubble buddies” my gas has been in the forefront for the past few months.

As things open up and you may see me more please ignore my passing gas. I’m trying to get it back in “public mode”.


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