We woke up at the crack of dawn to take the train to Manhattan. Donned with sparkles and glitter we boarded the train the Drag Queen utopia we have visited for the past two years. DragCon is the place on the east coast that queens and fans unite to celebrate the beauty of living your […]

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Haus of VanDriver?

This week has been one of those weeks. One that makes me want to wander the aisles of Target to find the most comfortable and ugliest clothing to wear while lying under my weighted blanket and shopping for things I’ve decided I need on Amazon. For example these capris with pockets that I already own […]

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Why Drag Isn’t My New Yogurt

My family has a running joke about me. When I am interested in something I not only dive in head first but I also enthusiastically discuss every detail of my love for that particular topic and invite them to love it just as much as me. Whatever it is it will CHANGE THEIR LIVES. Yogurt. […]

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How exactly did I get here?

I work in the nightlife. I can say this with confidence because I had the opportunity to vote for the 2018 Philly Drag Awards and ONLY people who work in the nightlife are allowed to vote. (Kinda like if Google says chocolate is healthy because it’s made from a bean than it definitely is.) I […]

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