I didn’t mean to mislead anyone…

I have to come clean about something. Early last year I took my daughter to Drag Brunch at Tortilla Press Cantina. The hostess of this brunch is the Crazy Cat Lady of Drag, Astala Vista. Inspired by her look at the first brunch I took her to, I found a cat sweatshirt at Target and rhinestoned it to resemble fabric Astala was wearing. Astala thought I sewed it.

Not wanting to be a liar, my sewing skills were extremely basic, I realized I wanted to learn. My sister took sewing classes and taught me how to follow a pattern. My Mom gave me her hand-me-down sewing machine. My neighbor came over and showed me how to adjust the tension on the machine. (I still wish I understood this better!) YouTube has been my saving grace and, with a hope and a dream, I’ve learned to sew.

I realize that most likely not a single person looked at that post and said, “Sarah lied, I saw that at Target!” But know that it was this social media post that started me on the path to sewing and, while I didn’t make that particular sweatshirt I might be able to now!

The brunch that introduced my daughter to drag.


The outfit that inspired the sweatshirt!


The post that jump started my sewing!
My desperate search to learn to sew!