Thank You To My Cat

This year I’m trying to think of others a bit more. It’s easy to take people in your lives for granted and not show them the appreciation they deserve. While, for me, it’s spending time that shows the most appreciation I wanted to get something for my family that will remind them of me and lift them up during the day. I found ZOX bands through the well targeted Facebook ad seen during a procrastination session and went through each bracelet and found ones that I thought fit the people I had intended them for. I also got one for myself. (I didn’t want to feel left out!)

Mine reads “Thank you”. I know, why should I be thanking myself? I’m not. This is the description from the website:

This might seem small at first, but it’s proven to be a lifesaver for my mental health and well being, especially when so many things are going on.

Rather than saying “sorry I’m late!” I say “Thanks for waiting! My house almost burned down so things have been a bit crazy lately.” – true story btw.

Rather than saying “sorry for being all over the place with my thoughts” I say “Thanks for helping me get this all organized.”

My hope for this Essential pack is that it’ll remind you to be grateful before being apologetic when it comes to your life – show others you appreciate them rather than apologizing for who you are. You’ll find it’s incredibly freeing and makes you more fun to be around.

I tried it and it worked. I made a mistake on something and instead of saying “I’m sorry I made a mistake,” I said, “Thank you for being patient while I’m learning.” I felt better with that tone of appreciation and I believe it was well received.

Okay, so why am I talking about this and what does it have to do with my cat? 

My oldest cat, Lucy, was the first living thing I was responsible for taking care of as an adult. We got her when my husband was in medical school and never home/always studying. We were newlyweds living in a sixth floor walk up in Manhattan and Lucy was my constant companion. She came into our lives on a whim, quickly took her place sleeping on my neck like a scarf, and was named after one of the many campers I adored when I worked at Camp Holiday Trails.

I know she’s a cat. I know I might sound crazy. Sometimes I feel like Lucy is something between a cat and a human. She seems to respond when I talk to her (with meows, I’m not claiming she talks.) She tortures us if we are away too long. The other night I was resting with my daughter and I thought she was stuck. She was meowing and crying and I ran into the bedroom. The stinker just wanted some hang out time–when I walked into my room she was sitting on the bed staring at me and casually grooming herself like she hadn’t just been screaming. Then she gave me the “come on Mom” version of a cat stare and walked over to my side of the bed. I sat down and she took up residence on my lap purring.

Right, but I STILL DON’T GET IT. What does this have to do with anything??

So here it is. Our cat just turned fourteen. She’s an old lady and at the end of her beautiful life. I want to say thank you for the incredible years rather than I’m sorry you’re at the end of your life.

As I write this she is snuggling on my neck and purring, our nightly ritual. I know that these are our last days together as, due to her health issues affecting her quality of life, we saying our goodbyes next week.

Thank you, Lucy, for being my companion during lonely days and nights during Jared’s training, the sassy way you make every cuddle “your idea”, and accepting the animals and kids we brought into our family while simultaneously making sure they realized it was, in fact, your house. I love you so extremely much and you will truly be missed more than you will know.

The night she was crying…and the look she gave me when I finally came in!
“I’m part of the family and I want in on the picture!”

Lucy also likes to rock a sparkly headband now and then.

My favorite outfit and my favorite oldest cat.

Our nightly sleeping ritual captured by my husband! I both USE a pillow and AM a pillow at night.

(The link to ZOX is an affiliate link. I’m sharing it because I genuinely love the product and I purchased the items before I became an affiliate. Also I figured if you ordered I wanted the credit. I tell it how it is.)


4 thoughts on “Thank You To My Cat

    1. Right?! I didn’t think it would be much but I changed my thinking slightly. It somehow feels better to thank someone than apologize…

      About Lucy, thank you. 💕

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