I Wrote This Because Gabe Said I Should

Through the power of social media I’ve learned that I know some exceptionally awesome people and Gabe is one of them. We have some amazing conversations over messenger and, while I haven’t seen him probably since 2002ish I hung out with his wife at the Philly Pride Parade this year. She is also super cool and while we have only met briefly I know we can become fast friends.

While on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my family I relayed a story to him about a guy I met in the supermarket. This was his response:

Here is my latest blog post inspired by Herbie from the grocery store and the owner of Herbie the Lovebug.


When the guy in front of you in line at the grocery store is wearing an amazing flamingo shirt you are required to compliment them. (You may not be aware of this little known international law I just made up but you’re reading this on the internet so be assured that it’s definitely true.)

My ten day search for the ugliest clothes I could find on my vacation continued to add to my sweatshirt overalls and flippy –sequined one piece and ended up purchasing an arm full of candy instead. My daughter and I were minding our own business when we noticed the person standing in front of us had an amazingly incredible cream colored shirt covered in tiny pink flamingos.

I had to say something. It was mandatory. It turned into a thirty-minute conversation where I learned MANY details of his seventy-two years of life. Herbie (also known as Herb or Herbert) was born in the north of Ireland and grew up in a wealthy family living in a castle. He’s an architect, former business owner, retired at age fifty, and moved to Puerto Vallarta. He’s on the board of directors of a local orphanage, downgraded from a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment to a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment a few floors down. He attends a non-denominational church every Sunday and would love to have us join him.

Our conversation could have gone on for hours. But my Mom called–they were waiting for us to eat ice cream and ice cream won.

PS If you want to find out more about my really cool friend and what he does than check out Herbie The Lovebug and also OC87 Recovery Diaries.


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