And Now There are Three (Cats)

Tuesday marked three weeks since we said goodbye to our cat, Lucy. It’s been a whirlwind and I know that no other animal will ever fill the space in my heart that she left. I wasn’t sure how quickly I would want to add more animals to our family, however, our other cat, Jack, has never been by himself. He was adopted when he was three months old with his sister who sadly passed at age one from a congenital liver problem. He needs companionship.

My daughter and I went on a cat mission. We visited PetSmart that had animals from the shelter where we adopted our dog, Voorhees Animal Orphanage. We met four cats who were precious but I just didn’t feel it. We drove home and I was pulling into the driveway and we decided we weren’t done–we headed to another one, PetValu. On the VAO website I saw this cat, Tootsie, who looked like Lucy. I knew I shouldn’t go.

We arrived at the store and, not only did Tootsie look like Lucy, but her sister Twizzle looked exactly like our other cat, Jack. I waited around until the volunteer arrived to find out they were both going to their forever homes on Friday. She let us hold them anyway and, as cat fosterer, she promised to let me know when new ones were coming in. I left her my number and knew I’d find the right ones at the right time.

Three days later I got a text. The cats adoption fell through, was I interested? End of story. Welcome to the family, Edna and Helen!

Our new kitties, Helen and Edna.


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