Drag Foster Mom

As you may know from a previous post, when I love something YOU WILL KNOW. Sometimes my love is fast and furious like my yogurt and sometimes it fades in and out like my knitting. Drag, as I’ve told you, that’s here to stay.

I like to bring people to brunch so they can test the waters and see if they want to go further. If they like that I’ll take them to a big nighttime show. If it goes well I’ll take them to a more alternative nighttime show. If you’re really lucky you may get some burlesque thrown in there too!

I joke that I am a drag missionary. I’m bringing new people to every show and helping to spread the gospel.

“It’s so much fun and changed our lives, you should join!”

“Just try it, you might like it.”

Recently I got a message from a friend of a friend who is trying to break into the Philly Drag scene and was referred to me for costuming. I have the contacts to hopefully help out so I replied back asking if they wanted to meet up.

1. I’m not a queen but I have enough knowledge to help point a baby queen in the right direction and find them people who can actually mentor them. (It makes me laugh and super excited at the same time, I love my life!)

2. If I’m helping a new queen am I a drag foster mom helping them to find their forever family? I can’t officially be a drag mom if I’m not actually a queen, right?
(Although if I WERE a queen I’d totally be Minnie VanDriver!)

After being thwarted by work schedules, snow storms, and the flu we finally met. Then met again. We have discussed costumes and wigs, received advice from some successful performers and they are ready to make their debut.

I imagine that when they first perform that I’ll be sitting on the side of my seat furiously picking my nails. (Nervous habit.) This will be because I know how badly they want this and I want them to succeed.

Note to my Drag Foster Daughter:
You’ve got this and I cannot wait until you find your forever family. If you decide to stay solo you are always welcome to stay with ours.
Minnie VanDriver
Owner of Drag By Ms. Sarah
Drag Missionary
Foster Parent to Unclaimed Queens

Not sure what this has to do with the post but I needed something….

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