Here’s the thing…I don’t usually participate in these these social media fads. I’m not worried that if I don’t share than I’ll be plagued by a million years of doom. Sometimes, though, when particular people tag you that DON’T typically do that, you take a closer look.

I got tagged on Instagram by my long time friend and podcaster, Erez, with the hashtags #IAmYourVillage and #MyVillage. Though we are geographically far apart I consider him a meaningful part of my village. He has listened when I’ve needed to vent, we have shared thoughts on topics ranging from jelly bellies to mental health, and chit chatted our way through countless days. He has also inspired me to open up and be real about my experience. If we sugar coat everything than people get an unrealistic view of humanity. I’m a real person who has issues. Read about a few of them here!

There are so many people who make up my village. People who have been in my life from birth to people I have met in the last year. People I speak to daily and people I speak to less frequently. Each of you have a a place in my life and, though I’m notoriously bad at consistently communicating, I treasure how you fit into different aspects of my village.

If you are reading this than YOU are part of my village and I APPRECIATE YOU.



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