My Wonky-Donky Stars

They say reach for the stars. I get it. You definitely should.

What happens though, when the stars are from the wrong era. Or they are extra wonky-donkey stars? Right, that probably only happens if you’re me.

I don’t have a bucket list because I never made one. There isn’t anything I can think of that I HAVE to do enough to make a list. Or maybe I’m too indecisive to write one or my brain wanders too much to begin writing. Either way I’ve got nothing.

There are, however, things I would like to experience if the opportunity presented itself. Really I want to somehow be connected to a reality tv show but DEFINITELY not star in one. I’d settle with walking in the background, being mentioned, anything that somehow ties me into a reality tv show, I’m not picky. (If any of you people can make this happen I’ll rhinestone you anything you want. Almost anything.)

If you either know me in real life, or have been reading this blog, you may have realized that I stray a bit from the norm. I possibly seem like a regular person who grew up wearing stone washed jeans and listening to the radio but, in reality, I was wearing matching sweatsuits and jamming to Peter, Paul and Mary on my fisher price record player.

In no particular order here are the “bucket list” items that I have checked off my non-existent list:

  1. I met Peter, Paul and Mary.
    I grew up seeing them in concert and even named my three goldfish after them. We got backstage passes at one of their concerts and I wrote them letters. Paul sent me a post card from his trip to Bermuda as a response to a letter I sent him and I was the most excited fifth grader!
  2. I sat in Harold T. Stone’s desk on the set of Night Court.
    Night Court was one of my favorite shows as a kid I LOVED Harry Stone because he was funny, quirky and told silly jokes like my Dad. (Fun fact, my childhood teddy bear is named after him.) One of my parent’s friends, Stu, was the executive producer of the show and, not only showed us the set, but gave me a script and a signed photo which I still have. Harry doodled all over the paper on the judge desk!
  3. I met Davy Jones.
    Not the pirate but the dreamy and super short singer of the Monkees. I watched that show every day when I got home from school and related to each and every character in some way. Davy was short, Mickey was funny like my Dad (notice a theme?), Peter was silly and Mike had to hold the group all together like my Mom held our family together. I dragged my husband to the Norwalk Oyster Festival on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur to see Davy and Mickey in concert. 100% worth it.Then my in-laws got me tickets to see Davy Jones in concert. There was a meet and greet afterwards and I waited in the line with my heart thumping. I COULD NOT believe this was happening, it felt like a dream. I got to the front of the line, got an autograph and a picture. The expression on his face looks like I pinched him but it’s a picture that I really need to finally get framed….
  4. I was in the same room as Patty Duke.
    “Meet Cathy who lived most everywhere…” I LIVED for the Patty Duke show as a kid. Did you know that she was in the made for TV movie of the Baby Jessica Story? Clearly I followed her career closely when I doubt most people my age knew who she was. When Oklahoma was on Broadway my husband got me tickets so that I could be in the same room as her. Very large room but it totally counts.
  5. I was ASKED to be in a movie. 
    This was the biggest budget made for tv movie the Korean channel MBC had ever made to date.My husband and I were on our honeymoon in Bora Bora at the same resort they were filming a Korean TV movie. He was getting breakfast at the buffet and someone approached me and asked if I was busy that day. I said I was planning on going to the beach.Them: “Okay, never mind.”
    Me: “Wait, why?”
    Them: “We need extras for our movie.”
    Me: “Can my husband do it too?”
    Them: “Yes.”
    Me: “YES!”We spent the afternoon doing take after take on a boat and I soaked up all my made for tv movie dreams and it was glorious.

Wow, my list seems strange, even to me. 


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