All I Want

Every year my birthday and Mother’s Day fall a week apart. Every year (besides this one) I’ve been asked by my very well intentioned husband if he can combine my gifts into one. I mean who am I to say no to presents?!

Heres the major problem with this: the gift I want comes in two parts. All I want is for someone to make me a cup of tea, from start to finish, and bring it to me. One on Mother’s Day and one on my birthday.

It’s not because “I have everything I want” because my amazon shopping cart will definitely tell you otherwise. It’s for the following two reasons.

  1. I love tea.
  2. I set the bar low. If that is the ONLY THING I ask for than anything else is icing on the cake.

I started this a few years ago and my goodness has it been amazing. As an almost 39 year old I’ve realized that my “special days” are really regular days that more people contact me. (Which makes the day special of course!) But it’s still filled with regular stuff that I can’t stop doing. I’m still co-parenting with my husband and getting stuff done that needs to be done. Soccer games, laundry, prepping food and tidying up. If I expected that the world would stop to celebrate than I got disappointed when it didn’t. I changed my expectations and it made the day WAY more enjoyable. Now it’s a regular day that’s made brighter by the seven minutes my family took out of their day to make me a cuppa tea.


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