Power of the Hug

Four and a half hours there and four and a half hours back but what we got in between was totally worth it.

When I step in to Aunt Tina and Uncle Michael’s house it takes me back to childhood. Starting from the front steps you can smell spices and food and there is always someone standing at the counter either cooking, talking or both. (Usually both!)

The cuisine at our gatherings is always a mash up of amazing dishes inspired by whatever the family has made. This weekend it was all homemade spring rolls, dumplings, sushi, sandwiches. There was Pad Thai, pineapple and ginger ale punch and a large serving of people I hadn’t seen in way too long.

What I noticed the most about the gathering this weekend was the strength of the hugs. My family hugs and you know they mean it. It’s no lame “so-glad-to-see-you” hug but a strong one that pushes the air out and breathes life back in. I felt connected and I felt love. I put down my phone and I connected with people I hadn’t seen in forever, people I see on a regular basis, and people I don’t see as much as I want to see.

Happy 80th birthday Uncle Michael and thank you Aunt Tina and Uncle Michael for opening up your home and giving us a good reason and a wonderful place to celebrate with family.

One of those amazing hugs with Abby! Check out her blog here.Handful of pictures from the weekend taken by my talented cousin, Samantha.


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