I’m Not Doing It Anymore

For the past three years my sister and I have flown out to Chicago to visit our brother for a weekend. It started out as a one off thing and has morphed into a yearly event. Because we are who we are we had to name the weekend.

When we were younger our Mom attempted to encourage us to keep our things tidy. She made systems, rewards, anything you can think of but nothing really worked. After all we also grew up with our Dad who has the inverse organizational skills as our Mom.

The one we remember most was the one titled “I’m Not Doing It Anymore”. I have no recollection of how it worked but the name stuck. So this weekend is officially dubbed “I’m Not Doing It Anymore” and we didn’t do “it”, whatever “it” is. We only did fun things. (T-shirts are in the works!)

We ate our way through the city. We had fancy meals, home cooked meals, ice cream, tea, and popcorn. We laughed, poked a bit of fun at each other, and I watched Allison and Daniel do yoga. I thought about joining them but Daniel’s couch was super comfy and starting something new didn’t seem enticing…

Saturday I pulled out my running shoes and parted ways with my siblings for a few hours to visit some of my other family, my running family. I may not have gotten to see all of you but those people I did see filled my bucket enough to carry me through this running season.

I feel so lucky that I get along with my siblings so well. I love that I can set an example to my kids of siblings who have strong friendships despite the possible arguing we did as kids. I mean not TOO much arguing, we were the pinnacle of perfection. The three of us would TOTALLY agree on that…

Whether your siblings are the ones you grew up with or chosen family I hope each and every one of you are surrounded by a community that can uplift you and love you for who you are. I certainly feel lucky to have both kinds of family in my life.

Tea tasting at Easthill Tea Company
T2 kickoff event with a few of the crew!

Jeni’s Ice Cream
Part of my T2 family

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