Most Embarrassing Moment EVER

October 1990, Evening

I was getting ready for bed. The bathroom was on one end of the hallway and my bedroom was on the other. To get from the bathroom to my room I passed my brother’s room, then my sister’s room, then home-base.

I had just taken a shower and was walking to my room to get dressed when I noticed the reflection of a fire in the window. I took it at face value. There was a fire burning outside the second story window which meant it was SO BIG that the whole world was probably burning around us. (In reality it was the reflection of the fire burning on the desk in the window that I was seeing, not a fire outside.)

As the oldest of three I grabbed my little sister and brother and took them outside to the backyard deck. I screamed my head off sure that the fire burning outside the house was going to get us and we were going to meet our demise. My Mom quickly located the actual location of the fire, closed the door to my brother’s room, and called 911. She then loaded us in the minivan and took us to our neighbors’ house who were close friends of ours.

Here’s where it become EMBARRASSING. I was a ten year old girl in fifth grade WEARING ONLY A TOWEL. The friends house we went to was the home to a FIFTH GRADE BOY. In my ten year old memory we entered their house with my fifth grade boy neighbor holding the door and it was THE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT OF MY LIFE. In hindsight, and as a grown up, I wonder if my neighbor even remembers this. Probably not.

(Mike, feel free to let me know!!)

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