Home Town Support

I run. If you know me or you have read my posts you probably know that already.

What started with a personal challenge with the Broad Street Run seven years ago has turned into more. I have found my running family in Chicago with charity running group, the Team to End AIDS.

T2 has given me life in both my running and me feeling like I’m part of a bigger picture. While supporting the bigger picture of AIDS awareness and supporting my people in the Chicago area I also want to support my home community.

March 29th, 2020 I’ll be running the Love Run in Philadelphia. I would like to dedicate this race to raising money for Philadelphia and encourage anyone who has some extra money to support a local charity that supports the Philadelphia community that is affected by HIV/AIDS. One particular charity I like is AIDS Fund Philly, feel free to click the link to donate!

If anyone wants to charity run with me let me know, I made the team name Run for Philly. The more the merrier!

Banner image from pngtree.com.


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