Game Pigeon

It’s been a crazy few months. Nothing insane but there have been some transitions in my extended family that have been stressful and time consuming. I know it will work itself out but nonetheless, it’s been stressful. (More on that another time.)

My friend, Amy, sent me a game through text. It’s an app, I think, that challenges you to find as many words as you can.

Amy and I joke around that, as much fun as we have hanging out, it will never actually happen because we are not coordinated enough to make it happen. It’s not lack of desire but probably too much on our plates distracting our good intentions.

I opened the game. It was 80 seconds that I was focused on something that was not the world around me. It was 80 seconds for myself and no one else.

Amy keeps challenging me regularly. It’s something that can be finished quickly and in one sitting and keeps me taking short, 80 second breaks from reality. So thanks, Amy, whether you knew it or not you’ve been reaching out and keeping me a little saner.

You never know how your actions can affect others in the littlest ways, even if it’s just a 80 second game pigeon game.


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