Birthday Parade

We are all doing this. (Or we should be unless we are essential workers and we thank you for everything!) We are sitting in our homes contemplating our sock drawers, cleaning or not cleaning, panicking or not panicking or somewhere in between.

Just like all those optimists out there say, look for the good. Sometimes that’s really hard but today literally brought me to tears of happiness.

The neighborhood where I live is an absolute dream. When we were moving to the area I told the real estate agent that I was open to looking at any houses but I knew that this neighborhood was the one that I wanted. The first time I saw it, the tree lined streets and sidewalks spoke to me. My gut feeling was right, this is the neighborhood I where I would find my home and my people.

Throughout this “Shelter in Place” I’ve seen so many creative outlets. There have been organized online scavenger hunts, chalk the walk, and neighbors respectful of space and dancing as to who will move off the sidewalk to let the other walker pass. The Birthday Parade literally brought tears to my eyes. Real ones.

We gathered in the loop of the school with our cars decorated and signs in hand. We slowly drove through the neighborhood making our way through the houses of the birthday kids and honked and yelled. In a time of separation it made me feel like a part of something. It was, quite literally, the highlight of my week.


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