OMG I made that!!

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of someone I know and they were in a costume I helped complete. This one was a rhinestoning job I did in the fall.

I cannot tell you how much joy I get from seeing something I helped make being worn. Every time I see it I get a thrill…someone isn’t wearing it because they have to but because they like it and it is part of their repertoire.

I am intertwined into someone else’s world; we are all working together even if we don’t think about it. It makes me proud that my work is being used to enhance someone else’s creative work.

I realize that rhinestoned tights don’t make the performance but seeing them makes me proud that I can create something that other people actually use!

With the current health crisis many of my performer friends are unable to perform and, therefore, do not have income. Please consider helping them oit by donating here.

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