I’m working with multiple kids with multiple school schedules. It’s not always easy but if I show that I can be flexible and adapt, hopefully the kids will too. I’m coming up the learning curve slowly but surely.

I am also a former teacher. I know how much heart teachers pour into their lessons. I know how much of their “free time” and personal money gets poured into our kids’ educations. No, not all of the supplies are provided by the school districts.

Right now, we are currently in a pandemic. This is not limited to one district, one school, or even one country. This is something that no one expected, no one was planning for, and, certainly, no one wanted.

Frustration is running rampant everywhere. Teachers cannot teach the way they want to be teaching. They want to be able to teach safely in their classrooms. Parents, many of them also teachers, are struggling to juggle their full-time work schedules, kids full time school schedules, anxiety and uncertainty coming from every direction. They also want their kids to be able to be safely in their classrooms.

Our teachers were handed the same set of cards as all of us, having to reimagine the school experience with only a moment’s notice. Many districts, including mine, changed their education models less than a week before school began leaving the teachers and parents in a lurch with little time to adjust.

Being “a part” of multiple different educational experiences I have noticed that the teachers I’ve encountered have given us the grace to come up the learning curve. If a kid is late to class or missing a worksheet they understand, this is new to all of us. We need to give the teachers the same grace. If the class structure is not perfect, they will probably also adapt to make it better. We cannot expect perfection from the onset, they are just as used to this platform as the rest of us.

We are all in this together. We need to act that way.  


2 thoughts on “In This TOGETHER

  1. SARAH I Am so Proud of you. Now with the Pandemic all issues intense My Sweetheart Sarah you are a gift I love you so much Grammy ❤️


  2. SARAH I Am so Proud of you. Now with the Pandemic all issues intense My Sweetheart Sarah you are a gift I love you so much Grammy ❤️


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