I have been an avid Color Street user for the past few years. I love the colors, the ease, and supporting my friend, Beth. (Please check her out, she has fun contests, giveaways and amazing customer service!)

In usual Sarah fashion I seem to have developed a sensitivity to nail polish. Every time I put it on one of my thumbs gets eczema and get super itchy. As strange as this sounds I’m the same one who was allergic to titanium earrings in the bottom half of my ear and not the top. I don’t understand myself either.

After so many years of having amazing nails I couldn’t stop cold turkey. Then enters my eldest’s bff and my “other daughter” with nails that looked professional. I knew it wasn’t Color Street as I know all the colors and she gets her Color Street from my stash.

Me being me I had to learn more. These Dashing Diva nails are what would happen if Color Street and Jamberry Nails had a baby. They apply and stay on like Color Street and need no heat source however the peel off like Jamberry Nails. And best of all for me, they are not made of nail polish.

This company also has a press on and glue on nails for those of you who can handle nails longer than your fingers. I’m not one of you, my nails are SHORT.

So bottom line: If you love your polish go for Color Street. If you are sensitive to regular polish consider Dashing Diva!

Dashing Diva

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