Butterfly Shirt

A few weeks ago, on a day that was just not going through way I wanted it to, I found a T-shirt in the laundry that I didn’t recognize. I decided to discuss it on Facebook with this post:

Folding the laundry tonight and I found this shirt. It doesn’t belong to me but it’s my size.
Explanation I have made up:
My Grandma, Mildred, walked with a cane covered in butterflies. Every time I see a butterfly I think of her. It’s a sign that when I’m having a stressful day that she’s somehow with me.
More realistic explanation:
There was a shirt in the washing machine of the Air B&B we were stay at and I brought it home.
My “where did this shirt come from” face.

The responses were great. People encouraged the idea that my Grandma was adding to my laundry, realizing it was silly, it made me smile anyway.

Then the mystery was solved. One of Simon’s oldest friends, Addie, slept over and left her shirt here. It was hers.

Well last week Addie’s Mom, and one of my close friends, Mandi got my husband and kids to sneak a new one into my house and put it in a bag that we had respectfully called Grandma’s “F*cking Green Bag” that she always left places. (She used that name as well!) and hid it under my pillow to find.

I’ll be wearing that shirt to NYC this weekend, my Grandma’s home town, to remind me of her. Thanks, Mandi, this shirt is one of the best and most thoughtful presents I’ve have ever received!


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