Cover Letter I’d Really Like to Send

I wrote this in August during the height of my bajillion applications to jobs I knew I wouldn’t get.

I’m lucky to now be working for Drag Queen Entertainment and I just accepted part time, seasonal position with Howard University, however, I assure you that it was a super frustrating process.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m applying for a job. I’d like it to be flexible hours so I can work while my kids are at school. I’d also like it to pay enough that it not only covers doggy daycare if I need it but also helps contribute to the family finances.

Feel free to read my resume but I promise you will not be impressed. I have been at home with kids for the past FOURTEEN YEARS so the only jobs you’ll be interested in were from 2002-2004. I loved those jobs but they were a long time ago. My references still remember me though so I feel like that’s a good sign!

I can promise you that I haven’t been sitting home doing nothing. I’ve been raising kids, hosting playdates and, most recently, spending every waking moment with my children. The pandemic has not allowed me much free time to add any good resume building activities.

During my “free time” I’ve become an Etsy shop owner, costumer to local drag queens and burlesque dancers, camp counselor, administrative assistant. The first two jobs listed here are my favorite but they apparently don’t really fit well on my resume. These jobs, while probably not relevant to whatever job you’re hiring for, have actually taught me a lot. I’d love to tell you about that but, unfortunately, I probably won’t get far enough into the application process to tell you about my experiences.

I know I’d be a good employee. I am a quick learner, adaptable and a good communicator. I’m pretty sure I’m friendly. I run marathons so, while I might be a bit wacky, you know I have endurance and stick with things even when the going gets tough.

Please give me a chance. Please show me that making the choice to stay home and raise my kids didn’t ruin my chances of employment forever. It’s extremely daunting to get back in there and start working again and I’m getting defeated.


Sarah Pasternak


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