My Cup Is Full

I have a mug obsession. It goes hand in hand with my tea obsession.

Every cup of tea I make and serve to myself or others tends to arrive in a mug I have picked especially for the person or the occasion.

The other night I restarted therapy after a period of time off. My amazing therapist must be a night owl like me and I settled into a much needed later evening session. A cuppa tea is for every occasion so I boiled the water and looked for a mug.

My recent go to, even though it’s post holiday season, is a whimsical mug covered in cats with sweaters with the words “Happy Hanukkah”.

This mug, while absolutely adorable, isn’t chosen for the occasion because it makes my tea taste better or because I have an intense love of Hanukkah. What I love most about it is that my friend, Beth, saw it and thought I’d like it. Something about her made her think of me (I’m guessing the cats!😹) and she decided to get it for me.

It’s a nice feeling to know a friend thought about me when I wasn’t there. Sometimes it’s these small reminders that get you tough times.


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