1 Hour Vacation

Travel and food. These are two things my husband and I agree are good places to spend our money. Since travel is currently out of the picture for us we are using all that travel money on food. (That sounds like we have tons of travel money. That’s not the case but a girl can […]


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Oh Farts

I was standing in front of my house talking to my neighbor when the product of my new healthy eating habit began bubbling to the surface. I had to pass gas. We were outside so, in reality, I could do it as long as it wasn’t too loud or smelly. The social issue I encountered […]

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I Don’t Hate the Beach

I’ve never been a beach person. According to my parents when I was a baby I would stay in the confines of the beach blanket so I didn’t touch the sand. They joked that they could have left me to get lunch and I wouldn’t have voluntarily touched the sand to leave. As I got […]

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Birthday Parade

We are all doing this. (Or we should be unless we are essential workers and we thank you for everything!) We are sitting in our homes contemplating our sock drawers, cleaning or not cleaning, panicking or not panicking or somewhere in between. Just like all those optimists out there say, look for the good. Sometimes […]

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OMG I made that!!

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of someone I know and they were in a costume I helped complete. This one was a rhinestoning job I did in the fall. I cannot tell you how much joy I get from seeing something I helped make being worn. Every time I see […]

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Game Pigeon

It’s been a crazy few months. Nothing insane but there have been some transitions in my extended family that have been stressful and time consuming. I know it will work itself out but nonetheless, it’s been stressful. (More on that another time.) My friend, Amy, sent me a game through text. It’s an app, I […]

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Home Town Support

I run. If you know me or you have read my posts you probably know that already. What started with a personal challenge with the Broad Street Run seven years ago has turned into more. I have found my running family in Chicago with charity running group, the Team to End AIDS. T2 has given […]

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I am an open book. If you ask me a question than I give you an answer. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I probably give you information that you didn’t even ask for! I remember when I was younger I was with my Mom and someone complimented me on my shirt. ”Thanks!” I said. […]

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Grammy Is Coming Home!

My Grammy in 93 years young. Cliche, I know, but she really is! Grammy moved to California before I was a conscious human. I remember visiting her as a kid, I even got my first bee sting at her complex trying to pick up a bee at age one. (I mean what was I thinking?!) […]

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